Health Safety & Child Protection


We at Johnson Grammar School consider Health, Safety and Child Protection policies as the backbone of our school operations for ensuring and enabling environment for holistic development of our learners. We adopt a multi-pronged approach and feedback-based system for addressing all existing and emerging threats to child safety

                             More specifically, Our Safety features comprise:

HSCP Committee – The school has an active Health Safety & Child Protection Committee that carries out safety inspections on a regular basis. HS&CP Committee consists of parent, student and teacher representatives to address the issues pertaining health and safety.
CCTV Surveillance – The school has CCTVs installed at all strategic around the school
Electrical Audit – The school undergoes electrical audit by an authorized Government agency
Mock Fire Drill & Fire Audit – Mock fire drills are carried out twice in a year and fire audits are done periodically. Fire safety equipments and evacuation plans are placed at all strategic points of the school
ID cards and Visitors – ID cards are provided to every visitor for safety concerns.
Health Check up – Health check ups are conducted once in a year. The observations are shared with the parents.
Water Safety – We have a well functional RO plant. The tests are done frequently and the reports are obtained.
Zero Tolerance Policy – The school has a ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ for any sort of corporal punishment and a written acknowledgement is taken from every employee before the recruitment to adhere by this policy. Strict disciplinary action is taken for non-compliance to this policy.
Security Guards – The school has male and female security officials and zone managers on every floor for strict vigilance at all times.
Involvement of parents – The school has a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) with parent and teacher representatives who audit the school premises and participate in furthering the wellbeing of the students and the school.

As a school, we are dedicated to ensuring a safe learning environment for our children. We believe that parents play a crucial role in the safety and security of the children, which is why, we seeks the support of parents to ensure that our students are guided and educated in this aspect of life.