JGS, as it is fondly called and referred to by all of us is a name that has made its mark in the hearts of many. It has been a constant endeavour of this well-knit family to give its children the best in its capacity like a parent who nurtures his/her child with utmost love, care and attention. Forty years back, we went out in the society with this vision under the guidance of Sri S.R.N Mudiraj, the founder Chairman of the school. He passed this legacy to the next generation and Dr. B. Chandrasekhar, with his progressive vision and intellect took it to greater heights. The society consisting of parents, staff, teachers, ex – students, students and well-wishers has been rendering its impeccable support forever. JGS opines that the time has come for it to return to the society what it has received.


As rightly manifested in our School Song, “Give me the strength to own the poor; Nor bend my knees before insolent might”, the fraternity of JGS intends to contribute towards a larger cause. Through the 40 years of our service towards humanity, we have extended our hand to the people in need and in continuation to this effort, Johnson Grammar School, I.C.S.E has initiated a school for the less privileged. We have taken under our wings a small group of 72 students from the have not section of the society into classes L.K.G, U.K.G and grade 1 and placed them in the hands of experienced faculty.


The management has decided to cater not only to their learning needs, but also the other peripheral requirements like uniform, food, books etc. The school is named after our most respected Founder Chairman and will be called as ‘Sri Mudiraj Memorial School’.