A Tribute To Our Founder

Brick by brick,
dipping each in your blood,
you raised a temple of learning,
with Samuel Johnson as its High Priest.


As your neighbour, I saw it rise
like a phoenix from the ashes.
What kept you striving  forward
Was your will to work miracles
With sand, and write oracles on water.


“Each dawn – break is a gift from God,”
you always said. “No time for regrets.
Despondency and angst are for unbelievers only.
The strong-willed can even chew stones,
See through granite walls,
For they seek their abode only on hill-tops,
like eagles that can confront lightning
And thunder.”


You have not gone the way of other
mortals-bone, flesh and ashes,
for your message of hope will always be
a clarion call for others to follow you.

Great  Spirits are not wood or mortar,
but candles that shine like glow-worms
in a dark forest.


Fare thee well! But I’ll always conjure up
Your spirit, flapping its resplendent wings
above the steeples
of your citadel of learning.


Keep Guiding others, You Spirit Benign!


Prof. Shiv K.Kumar
(Awardee Padma Bhushan)